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Books Read in 2016

1. Tower of Thorns (Juliet Marillier) - While classified as a fantasy writer, she would better be classified as an adult fairy tale teller. This isn't her best work, but even her worst work is outstanding. 4/5
2.- 8. Harry Potter Series - It was good to revisit these books. It was my second time reading them and I got things out of them that I didn't get the first time. 4.5/5
9. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) - Hadn't ever read this! Entertaining. 4/5
10. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll) - Hadn't read this previously. Confusing and disorganized. 2/5
11. Guatanamo Diary (Mohomedou Ould Slahi) - The diary of a Guatanamo Bay prisoner. Written in his fourth language, Slahi reveals the conditions at GTM, providing a view of the United States from the perspective of an innocent man tortured by its paranoia. 4.5/5
12. Mists of Avalon - The story of King Arthur told by the perspective of the women around him. A lot of good celtic lore. Sometimes the pacing was off and it was a very daunting book because it was so long. 4/5
13. Columbine (Dave Cullen) - Currently Reading

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