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brightflashes ([personal profile] brightflashes) wrote2016-02-22 11:10 pm
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It seems that I'm experiencing a lot of allergies lately. Kevin keeps telling me he wants to get educated so that he can do something worthwhile when he gets out. However, his ideas are all over the place. I don't think he has much direction as to what he wants to do. I think he wants to do whatever he can be hired to do which he also likes. The thing that he says most often is that he'd like to run wires, or be a master electrician. Yesterday, he wanted to talk to me about going to college. He has really unrealistic ideas about how the world works. He thinks that crowdfunding can be used to raise money for anything he doesn't have money for.

I know that when he gets out he'll have a much more realistic hands-on idea of how the world works. It's just frustrating sometimes trying to explain the disconnect between how he thinks the world works and how it actually does work.