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Apr. 22nd, 2016 01:58 pm
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I didn't actually listen to Prince all that much. However, many coming-of-age moments of my life have been influenced by his music. The FHS graduating class of 1999 (as many other graduating classes might also attest) received highly instructional information which set the scene for the year. It was raining the day of graduation. The sky was, indeed, purple, and it really did feel dreamlike (I was dreamin' when I wrote this). The whole bit of having a lion in my pocket was equally elusive to the uncertainty that comes with an end of one era before the next one has been planned. While we will not live long enough (we could all die any day) to truly experience different eras the way we have come to known them from World History, all lives, no matter how short lived, will include at least one era, if not, dozens. 

When the first of my friends got married at age 20, dancing with two of my most flamboyant friends at the time to "P. Control" etched out another unforgettable memory. There are other moments, too. Like when I realized that Raspberry Beret was written by Prince - I don't know who I thought did it before - and the idea that both words, "Raspberry" and "Beret" had silent consonants in them, well, I thought it might mean something (but I don't think it did). 

I feel a bizarre awakening akin to what our heroine Amelie  faces upon hearing that "Lady Di" died in the movie with the same name. It's not very often, I realize, that my external environment, as represented by the masses, matches my internal one. It would usually be in my head that everything would be drenched in purple, yet that is exactly what is happening with bridges, buildings, and other landmarks are being lit up in his honor. The saturation of this individual's mark, singing its swan song before the world moves on next week, is felt and seen in simplicity and elaboration.

Next week will no doubt bring something louder, maybe scarier, and considerably less purple, but for this weekend, at least, I'll be Amelie Poulain, noticing details that no one else sees, looking back at the audience in the dark theater of international mourning over the loss of this incredible talent.


Feb. 22nd, 2016 11:10 pm
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It seems that I'm experiencing a lot of allergies lately. Kevin keeps telling me he wants to get educated so that he can do something worthwhile when he gets out. However, his ideas are all over the place. I don't think he has much direction as to what he wants to do. I think he wants to do whatever he can be hired to do which he also likes. The thing that he says most often is that he'd like to run wires, or be a master electrician. Yesterday, he wanted to talk to me about going to college. He has really unrealistic ideas about how the world works. He thinks that crowdfunding can be used to raise money for anything he doesn't have money for.

I know that when he gets out he'll have a much more realistic hands-on idea of how the world works. It's just frustrating sometimes trying to explain the disconnect between how he thinks the world works and how it actually does work.
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1. Tower of Thorns (Juliet Marillier) - While classified as a fantasy writer, she would better be classified as an adult fairy tale teller. This isn't her best work, but even her worst work is outstanding. 4/5
2.- 8. Harry Potter Series - It was good to revisit these books. It was my second time reading them and I got things out of them that I didn't get the first time. 4.5/5
9. Pride and Prejudice (Jane Austen) - Hadn't ever read this! Entertaining. 4/5
10. Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Caroll) - Hadn't read this previously. Confusing and disorganized. 2/5
11. Guatanamo Diary (Mohomedou Ould Slahi) - The diary of a Guatanamo Bay prisoner. Written in his fourth language, Slahi reveals the conditions at GTM, providing a view of the United States from the perspective of an innocent man tortured by its paranoia. 4.5/5
12. Mists of Avalon - The story of King Arthur told by the perspective of the women around him. A lot of good celtic lore. Sometimes the pacing was off and it was a very daunting book because it was so long. 4/5
13. Columbine (Dave Cullen) - Currently Reading

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So what does this whole "grant access" mean?


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